Mistakes We Made Before Moving Out

Hey guys! There have been a lot of changes going on for our little Falco clan. I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging for a number of reasons, mostly being how overwhelmed I was with everything.

We spent a surprisingly short amount of time deciding to sacrifice our freedom and independence in exchange …

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What is Love? (And Why I Love Being Married)

Lately Trey has been working extra hard to show his love. What’s great, is how he does it in ways I may not even notice. Driving home last night, we had the air turned off. When I turned it on, he immediately started pointing the vents in his direction. I realized he had been burning …

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Why Church Is So Important

Today after church I was speaking with someone about how church is important. The person grumbled, “I agree it’s important but not every single day of the week.” Referring to how I go to church Sunday (morning and night) as well as Wednesdays. Growing up even though my family didn’t go often, I was in church …

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Marriage Actually Is A Fairy Tale – And It’s Not Hard

Before Trey and I got married, everyone…and I mean EVERYONE felt the need to voice opinions. And you know what? 90% of it was negative.

“Marriage is so so hard.” “Girl you are entirely too young to get married.” “Shouldn’t you wait until he’s out of school?” “Don’t you think you’re rushing into this?” “Why …

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Reasons I won’t kiss my kids on the lips

We’ve all seen the pictures on Facebook. Adorable kids playfully kissing their mommy on the lips. It’s nearly impossible to scroll through and not see at least 3 of them. I admit, it is pretty cute sometimes. But is it really a good idea?

Just to throw it out there, I don’t have kids yet. And after …

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Learn To Manage Your Anger


Yesterday, I was nearly overcome by anger.

This past week, Trey and I have been “babysitting” two trouble teenagers. Up until this week our lives have consisted of work, school, Netflix and pets. Then all of a sudden I go to church one morning and return home with two teens.

First let me start by …

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Why I Blog

Now that I have finally sorted out the main details and gotten more content on my site, I have been sharing with people that I have started a blog. The first thing I always get? “Why in the world would you start a blog? Isn’t that what attention seeking teenage girls do?”

First of all, no, …

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